Spinning and Knitting

I put my spinning wheel in the livingroom tonight, and told my husband that I hoped he didn't mind. He doesn't btw. I also put some of my knitting in there this afternoon. In the spirit of doing what I love I decided it was high time to do what I love in the livingroom and not just in my studio anymore. The result is a big empty spot in my studio, and instant stress reliever. I'll have to move my old dorm trunk to the living room so I can fill it with my every burgeoning yarn stash, I'll need an amoire or two or three just for the fleeces.

I've decided that the loom can live in the living room as well, I'll have to move some furniture out, maybe to the attic? Who knows. I'd love to put that furniture in the library (1905 Victorian home) but my business, or I should say parts of it, lives in there. I'll get it figured out.

I would have had the loom up and going this weekend but have been deathly ill, most of the week actually. I'm not sure what I have, my dad is convinced it's west nile virus, I think it's the flu, or the plague maybe but not west nile.