I think I made a major mistake today, no I don't think I know I did. I emptied out the wheel barrow and it was full of very rusty water. I should have tried to put it into buckets to put fabric into, what a waste. Oh well it's supposed to rain again tonight so maybe it'll fill with rusty water again, and I have about 50 pounds of walunts, complete with husks in the barrow, which is why I emptied it in the first place.

I should be get some sort of color of WOW here with the walnuts and rust! Except the walnuts are in garbage bags, bags that leaked all over my truck and the gook is probably eating the paint off of the body as I write. I'll take them, the walnuts, out of the bags tomorrow and throw fabric into the barrow with.

It's been one of those years what can I say. Well my gourds are beautiful what more can I ask for!