More Felting

I picked up a few sweaters at out local Goodwill today, for felting. My biggest score was a beautiful solid black sweater. No pilling, in excellent condition. The others are striped or some variant of grey. I bought one that may fit me, if it does I'll keep it for me - will probably dye it first as it's beige. If it doesn't fit me then I'll dye it anyway and then felt it. I'm wanting some oranges and reds to go with the greens and greys. I'm not too hip on yellow for clothing, and I don't look good in blue so that one gets scrapped as well.

My friend, Regina, gave me an old wool coat. I ran it through the washer, on hot, twice and then dried it in the dryer. After taking it apart I took some of the scrap pieces to see how well they would dye. Beautifully. It's a black and white faux houndstooth weave. I dyed the scrap in cochineal, came out a lovely redish pink color, which I might add is an excellent contrast to the black. I'm thinking of making a vest with part of this wool, or a very large winter tote for myself. I don't know what I'll use for the bottom of the tote, but it has potential.

I found a couple of mitten patterns, they came with hat patterns and one had a dog coat pattern. John will come unhinged if I make a coat for Angel, our sheltie, but I can't help it, I've turned into one of them! You know "them" dressing the dog in sweaters and the like. I admit I've lost it, I need children of my own to dress up.

Somewhere around here, probably in my wet studio, I have a couple of books on making felt, and making items from felt. I need to find it and see if there are other mitten and hat patterns in them. This is not about knitting something and then felting the item - I have two books on that as well, but about making felted fabric and then cutting the item out for making stuff.

I do have a pattern for making felted slippers, I think it's around here anyway. It's a Fiber Trends Pattern I do believe. They are monsterous when knitted and perfect once felted down to size.

I'll post pics later.