I chose McCall's pattern M4683, and Simplicity 4780 for mitten patterns. JoAnns didn't have a Green Pepper mitten pattern, so I'll have to wait. I did buy GP's F858 Frenchglen Barn Jacket Pattern. The whole fabric overdyeing experience has convinced me that I can make some gorgeous garments out of my hand-dyeds.

I'm planning to make a jacket out of my compost dyed fabrics using McCall's 3254. Well I cut the fabric out, but don't like it now. So I'm planning to put the garment together, probably next week, and then overdye it, starting with indigo. I don't want to lose the composted marks, but the jacket needs help! It's a coat dress actually but I want to use it as a jacket over light weight pants and a tank. I'm going to have to cut hte fabric for the sleeves now though, I had planned to wear it over a tee shirt, hmmmmmm that is still an option.

On the schedule for today is fabric dyeing, lots and lots of wool fabric. Fabric sales have been great, so much so I ran out of fabric. I'm planning on washing porky quills while the fabric is cooking. I want that same purple on the quills that I got yesterday on the cotton yarns. I might be able to do this, blue and red have been easy so far, except on one batch of quills that wouldn't take any dye at all. Yellow however has been a bear to get.

There's been a plane circling over our house all afternoon, I wish it would go find a place to land it's annoying. I keep expecting it to crash land somewhere.