For some reason my digital camera likes to compensate for what it believes to be bad light. It's a cheapy digital camera, one that is pushing me to wanting to purchase a better digital and soon. And I'm thinking that the Nikon F100 needs to go into the shop for a little repair, so no time like the present to look for a D100 body to go with my lenses.

My shutter won't open and close on the F100, I'm not sure why. I'm the last person you would ever want to ask about the intracies of a camera, or a computer for that matter. Speaking of which I need to get the new computer out of the box and up and running today.

But take my word for it, the way the clouds were backlit was spectacular! Why the camera decided to even out the light is beyond me, it ruined the images of the clouds, in my opinion. With that said if the Nikon had been working I would have put it on fully manuel and taken the clouds pics. I would have had to have the film developed, but the pics would have been fully reperesentational of what I was seeing - not washout.