Pets From Hell Etc..

Today is probably going to be one of those days. And I'm not pleased with the pets so far. I have a tabby cat who is currently shredding a reem of paper for no other reason than he can.
The dogs are a pain in the ass, as always.

And both of my cameras are giving me fits this morning. The Nikon refuses to work, period, giving me some error message. I'm sure this will entail hundreds of dollars to fix. And the digital refuses to store more than 15 images, when the disc holds 100+ images.

And who the hell peed on my floor again!?#$&* Ahhhhhhhhhh the wonders of pet ownership!

Did I mention Picasa won't load images this morning? So your going to have to take my word for it when I say the sunrise was befitting of an angelic choir.