Life in General

My husband has taken to calling me sandwich. Sandwich as in sandwich generation. My dad has decided he will come spend the winter with us, here in Iowa, this year. I'm glad about taht because I don't have to worry about him falling on the ice and no one finding him for days or whatever. He's in southern Illinios and if they get one thing consistantly in the winter there it's ice. So now I'm cleaning house, and making room, like a mad woman.

And if there is one thing you ever need to know about me it is this: I hate grocery shopping! So in anticipation of his arrival this fall I've started stocking up, I like to keep a larder going. The other thing about me is I tend to forget I need to go grocery shopping, good thing I live close to a grocery store that's open 24/7. But I'd just as soon not go if I don't have to. Case in point today I nearly got myself run over, pushy people anyway. That happened when I attempted to get out of my vehicle. You go to the grocery store and everyone is rude, I'm talking the customers here, and in a rush.

The best part is when I'm almost done shopping, turn my back for a split second and my cart disappers. Hubby and I've got it figured it must be some clueless husband whose wife is sick or whatever and he "had" to go grocery shopping. So clueless notices that my cart bears items like what they would eat, but he can't find the items or make his own decisions, and takes my cart instead. Good thing I wear a purse on a long strap, around my shoulder and neck. This has happened a couple of times now. Sure hope they like a whole food diet!!!

I still haven't found a building to put the business into so we are waiting. There is one building here in town that would definately work, but it's way out of my price range. So the waiting game goes on.