It Feels Good

It feels good to get organized! I have a long ways to go towards totally efficency, but what I got started on today should help and tremendously. It would appear that the business is going to have to live in the house a bit longer, commercial property is not that easy to find. While there are a lot of "For Rent" signs up it would seem that the property owners not very interested in renting.

I bought a bunch of storage containers today, the drawered variety, and am now taking everything out of their boxes and putting them into the drawer units. John will build me shelves on Sunday, with the bottoms high up enough to put the drawer units underneath.

The up side is everything is now being packaged, labeled and priced which will help tremendously when vending, and will allow me to fill web orders oh so much faster.

I'm finding fabric I thought I had either sold or lost. It needs to be irond and cut up into sellable chunks, but this is a good thing! Now I just need to get all of the natural dyes prepackaged and labeled now, then I can put them into drawer units for vending as well.

I still need to rent a storage unit to store my Kiefer Trailor in.