Yard Sales, Wool, & Winter

I went yard saling yesterday, hence the purse find. I also scored 6 really nice baskets, for a $1.50. If you haven't guessed it I love to get a bargin. One has a handle on it, it's rather large, I put my dyed cotswold silk noil blend in it, now to hang it from the ceiling. This is a tabby cat proofing method. Otherwise he'll continue to sleep on it and felt my precious wool. Can't have that now can we!

I now have some cotswold wool, in grey and in white that I need to dye a moss green. I had silk noil it needs to be dyed a dark blue/navy. I just need to buy the cushings dyes, get it dyed and carded (I have a Louet Drum Carder), blended, recarded and I can spin away. I"m planninig on knitting myself a blanket shawl. I have a wool shawl I knitted but it's a triangle, I want a rectangle a big rectangle.

Winter is coming early this year folks. All indications in nature are saying so. I've even seen ducks and geese flying south and it's too early for this behaviour. Hence I'm going to get the woolies done up early this year. They keep saying on the local weather, that we haven't had weather like this since 1965. I asked my dad about the winter of '65, he was stationed in Grand Forks that year. His comment was it was the coldest snowest winter he ever lived through. Since the weather is consistantly a month early I'm concluding that winter will be a month early. Well a girl can dream can't she!