I updated my art website last night http://www.kbaxterpackwood.com I will be doing a major update on this website early next week. I have a lot of artwork to photograph and priced this weekend, I actually have a large body of work - hidden here and there- I just need to photograph the pieces.

I've decided to liquidate a bunch of art work, not because I want to but I need to. I still have my spring 2005 tuition to pay for, and my fall 2005 tuition is coming up due as well. I spent my spring money on my mothers funeral, part of the funeral money was going for the new store front for the business. Needless to say I've been playing catch up ever since. I have also given up on having a storefront, for now anwyay.

Unfortunately as a graudate student in Textile Science there is no money, if I had chosen to study a "real science" such as computer science I'm sure there'd be tons of money. But alas fibers and textiles have been relegated odd and peculiar persons such as myself, and has been doomed to fossildom!

My brain is still foggy, from my monthly visitor - getting older is such a riot! Therefore, I've decided that there was no sense in forcing myself to do things that I would only have to redo or undo in a week. I'm creating artwork instead, since there's no real way I can screw that up. I did manage to get a bunch of orders packed and ready to go to the shipper. But no invoices, trust me on this one - you really don't want me writing one up and ivoice today - I'm doing really good getting my email read.

I have to ask what is it about hormones that turns my brain into a pot of mush once a month? What am I missing in my diet? Is it a lack of water? I'll go drink more I'm thirsty anyway. My mother is dead so I can't ask her and she had ovarian cancer at age 23, so she wouldn't have been much help anyway.

If you think I can screw my artwork up, well maybe I can... but I reserve the right to stick it back into my compost pile if I don't like it!