Sunsets and Cool Temps

The heat has finally abated, I don't know if this weekend will be a scorcher or not, I'm just going to enjoy tonight's lows.

Hubby took me for a wonderful trip outside of town tonight. Neither one of us felt like doing anything so we went north west of town and watched the sun set! It was really nice out tonigh, cool and breezy, no bugs, and very quite. Except for the occasional interloper. The birds were quite happy as well.

I took a bunch of photos, until my digital camera died on me. I really wish I had the D100 camera body, to compliment my F100 body. My little digital camera is not the greatest, and I'm starting to see that it's choices of colors, which I cannot override, are not the best.

I took Angel with us, she needed a night out as well. Because she's so small and likes to take off like a shot we let her loose in the bed of the truck, while we stood outside and watched the sun set.