Quilt Shows & Honesty

I went to a quilt show today, in Ankeny Iowa. It's a nice little show, it's small but that's fine I can do the whole show in an afternoon and not be exhausted. There are quite a few vendors there, considering it's size, and there's the usual variety of items to be had.

At the show portion there was a goodly amount of quilts, mostly of the traditional vein. There were a couple of art quilts present, mainly of the pictoral variety, nicely executed. I have to admit I'm sick and tired of the same old machine quilting pattern that I'm seeing everywhere. I swear 9 out of 10 quilts had the same squirrely quilted pattern, whether it fit the style of the quilt or not. How about some originality here, I mean talk about following the pack.

What I really longed to see was a hand quilted traditional quilt. I know these are a lot of work as I've done one or two in my short life. But couldn't they even rustle up an antique one???

Honesty... Honesty is not walking into a vendors booth and copying down the saying on a pattern they are selling (and telling your girlfriend your going to put it on tee shirts), even if you think it's too expensive for the pattern. Talk about a total disregard for copyright law! If the vendor of the booth hadn't been such a self absorbed pig I would have told him what was going on, but he kept brushing me off like I didn't matter. Needless to say I didn't buy much from him. I'm thinking the woman who was stealing his designs should have been working with him seems like they are a match made in heaven.