Post Cards Again

There seems to be some confusion over the post cards I made, so I thought I'd post to clear things up a bit. I had only intended to donate one card, Posies, to ACS auction. There was confusion over the way I had posted Bachelor Buttons on my blog, visitors thought it was also part of the auction, when in fact I made it because I was having fun.

That said the remaining post cards I made were for selling. While I admit I'm very torn, guilt (that's Catholic guilt for the uniniated) reigns supreme and tells me I have no right to sell those cards and they should all be donated to some cause, like ACS. The other part of me, that's in debt, says hell no girlfriend sell those babies and make some income to pay our debt down!

So I'm going with common sense, that's the part of me that likes eating food and having a roof over my head, is going with selling the remaining cards.