New Work

I made this piece this spring for the Surface Design Member show, the show title was Constants and Variables. After writing down a slug of words, using my handy trusty thesaurus I came up with the idea of my skin.

My skin is constant, it's always with me, but it's also a variable as it changes with the seasons and it ages with me.

The quilt consists of silk dupioni and wool, the backing is pinkish wool, and wool yarns and cotton threads. The fabric was dyed using cochineal (natural dyes) and composting technqiues. It is entirely machine stitched. I will have to photograph the back since I made the piece so it could be double sided. The quilt is 18 x 52. I need to take the quilt sleeve off now and place it at the top where I wanted it originally, but it needed to fit the size constraints of the show. I don't know I may leave it, and just embellish the sleeve to look more like skin.