Life, Dogs and Dyeing

Well I didn't get to go out and photograph the sky tonight. We rushed the Weimeraner, dumb dog, to ISU Veternary Hospital around 5ish. She has this big wound thing on the side of her face, her neck and thoat were all swollen as well. So far they have ruled out a bite or a sting. Now they are trying to figure out what the problem is. The only thing I can think of is she ate a pencil earlier in the week, like I said dumb dog.

So no pictures, sorry.

But I did manage to finally get black with natural dyes, I also got two different kinds of grey, a warm gray with reddish undertones and a coolish grey kinda on the blue side. And then there's the mottled grey. This thus far has been with silk cocoons.

I am hoping, its more of a fantasy right now, of dyeing some mohair this weekend in hair and skin colors. I had a really rich mahogany color but I over dyed it with indigo to get the black. It took twelve dips in indigo to get it dark enough, then they were overdyed in cochineal and then in osage orange. But I think I may have finally gotten jet black. We'll see tomorrow once they are dry. I'll post pics this time I promise.