Silk Carrier Rods

I wish you could see the pink ones in person, they are a deep carnation pink with yellow highlights. Needless to say don't ever put silk carrier rods into a Kamla dyebath! Instant mush. I managed to save them, rinsed them really well and threw them into an exhausting cochineal bath. This beautiful color was aqcuired!

The gorgeous gold behind is from Osage Orange Extract, it was a strong bath need I say more. They glisten, and so do the cocoons that were in the same bath.

The cocoons below are indigo dyed (blue ones 5 dips), quebracho yellow and wattle (orange ones), cohineal that found iron some how or another (purple ones), and cochineal with COT and alum (carnation pink ones).

Tomorrow I have a lot of fabric, wool, and yarns to dye. Right now I"m tired.