Pigment Painted Cloth

Here's some pics of pigment painted cloth, one piece has been Compost Dyed before hand, the other is white Pimatex cotton.

I'm using a combination of lose earth pigments and Unison soft Pastels with soy milk. Yes the soy milk is archival. After the pigmetns have been applied to the fabric you need to let it cure. Once the curing period is over you can then machine wash and dry the fabric. There are those out there that will tell you not to do that but I have had no problems to date. No the soy milk treated fabric doesn't attract bugs.

Soy milk has been used as a sizing for several thousand years, primarily in Japan and China. Artist John Marshall, author of Salvation by Soy, is what I would call an expert on soy milk and it's uses. I carry his book on my webstore http://www.prairiefibers.com You can also buy earth pigments and organic soy beans for making soy milk from my store as well.

You can also use acorn milk, but you have to beat the squirrels to the acorns first. You remove the meats from the acorn, grind them up in water and let them soak overnight. Strain the milk from the chunks the next day and your good to go.