Navajo Looms

Below is a pic of a Navajo loom, or Navajo style loom. This loom was given to me by a prolic weaver named Marty. She had been out to New Mexico or Arizona and had taken a Navajo weaving class, her husband bought the plans for building the loom and presented her one made of apple.

But alas Marty loved her floor loom far more and she presented me with the Navajo loom, several years after his passing. Somewhere around here I have the dowel rods, I hope, and the shed sticks. It's not very big, about 45" tall and about 28"wide. I've woven a couple of small tapestries, also floating around here somewhere, on the loom.

I'm now in the process of building myself a much larger loom, try 7 feet tall by 5 or more feet wide. Hubby has a big oak board that's been sitting outside for awhile now that I can have for the uprights, and I have some southern yellow ash for the cross pieces. I need to find those dowel rods though! And shed sticks would be nice as well.