Natural Dye Workshop June 11

I will be teaching a dye workshop next Saturday, June 11, in Adel ,Iowa, at the Iowa Summer Sheep & Wool Festival. (too many commas)

The workshop is 6 hours long and entails Surface Design Techniques with Natural Dyes. Now I just need to get all of the fabrics prepped and the dye bathes started. Prairie Fibers will also be there vending the 11-12th. Adel is just west of Des Moines Iowa. Pray it doesn't rain or and the wind is calm and that it's not too awful hot outside!

For more info go to:

The workshop will include yarns as well as fabrics! As there are many fiber and papermakers around here it's hard telling what will end up getting colored! We may even make some felt while waiting on pots to get hot.

I do have lots of bound resist and other surface techniques planned so that participants will leave with colorful patterned cloth!

I busted my right knee up again last night, the one I had surgery on in Janurary of this year, and April of last year. I'm movin, but really really slow, so if yah ever wanted to see a turtle dye fabric come on down!