Heat Wave

It's been warm here, really warm. I turned the AC back on today, I'm so grateful we even have AC.

So I posted a picture of snow, to remind myself of January, it was really cold that day, well below zero. Thinking I'll be so glad when summer is here. Right now that snow is looking quite refreshing.

I wanted to go to the Neil Smith Wild Life Refuge this evening, but it really didn't work out, which is good since we had this land hurricane this evening. I was wanting to take pictures of the buffalo at sunset, hubby even changed his mind and said he'd go with me, but I was just too hesitant. Good thing, or we would have been driving back in one hair raisin hum dinger of a storm. We spent a good part of the evening in the basement instead.

Snow, it sure makes me miss winter, it'll be here soon enough again. Winter is my favorite time of the year need I say more.