Yard Sales

There's gold in them thar hills! Or at least at the garage sale there was anyway. Hubby and I went saling tonight, not the kind where you use a boat and there's water involved. I struck gold several times.

At one sale I picked up some rusty old objects, spikes, chisels and the like for my rust dyeing experiments, I also picked up two boxes of fabrics and laces for a total of three dollars at that sale. But the best find at that sale was the handbag, a very old handmade number, probably from the 70's. The bamboo handles are to die for, so I'm thinking i"ll either fix the bag to meet my expectations, there's not much wrong with it, or I'll use the handles for another bag. The bag cost me a dollar fifty total, there's no way I'd get nice bamboo handles like that for that price.

I'm thinking the bag itself, since it'll detach from the handles easily, lends itself to dyeing, painting, and all sorts of surface embellishment. It consists of a hardanger type cloth with stitching on it, white I might add. I think it's cotton and so is the lining. Who knows maybe it'll take a trip through the compost pile first.