What I'm working on

Here's a scan of what I"m working on. I think it'd look much better if I had taken a digital pic instead, but my camera is downstairs and I didn't feel like going after it.

This is a piece of Kunin felt, charcoal grey, and on top of it I layered melted angelina fibers, painted & stamped wonder under, and a orange chiffon scarf. This was all ironed together. I then couched down some crocheted silk yarn. On top of this I stamped expandable puff medium. After I melted this with the heat gun, notice the lacey holes in the piece, I painted some of the puff squares. I then took my stencil brush and applied metallic waxes to the puffed squares.

I am about half way through painting the puff squares. I decided I needed to add some more stitching and surface embellishment first. I've decided I want it to enhance the lace effect once I'm done, so I will be using the soldering iron for more controlled burning. WARNING: melt this stuff out doors, it is really noxious!

The experiment has been fun and I now have ideas on how to execute a future project through this experiment.