Rain - The Ants were Right

Or should I say deluge! The ants were right, it was a doosey! It's supposed to rain off and on for the next week, so I can see why they moved their aphid farm to higher ground. I wonder if they managed to stay dry? They probably sealed themselves in with some sort of waxy spit like material.

We had a real gully washer tonight, the lightening was horrific. And it looks like it was even worse north of here. At one point we heard, saw, a huge flash and I thought it brought one of our trees down, nope. Hubby thought it was lightening sizzling the air, could have been. I don't know what happened but it brought the shelf down on my wall in my studio. thankfully all of the pets were in our room with us, that's a lot of books to crash land onto someone.

So I'll be off to the big box store tomorrow to get more brackets and much much longer screws to reinforce the shelf. Well hubby will do the work but I will go shopping with him.