Life and Haunted Microwaves

I think I know why I've quit creating. I'm constantly being interrupted. I'm interrupted by the phone, the door bell, pets, my husband, strangers wandering into my house. You know, the usual stuff. It's a major deterant to getting anyting done. It's also an excellent training method to keep you from wanting to ever do anything.

I do believe it's called the tyranny of the urgent. I'm just about ready to kennel up the dogs, disconnect the phones and the door bell, send the hubby fishing, and well any and all unwelcomed intruders beware!

The microwave keeps turning itself on. I'm not really sure why either. I think I will look later to see if there are any recalls on microwaves. Sure hubby threw the box away last week, it's a year old now, and now it starts to act up. But the whole turning on by itself thing is not cool.