Life & Feet

Well I talked to my dad again tonight, I think after 40 years this is going to take awhile for him to recover from the shock of moms untimely death. He's been cleaning the house like crazy, to keep busy. So he and my SIL went through the hall closet and got rid of a lot of my mother's clothes.

An odd thing about my mother, she hated wearing shoes, I have the same affliction or at least I did until I discovered Naots and Chacos. So it seems rather peculiar that someone who disliked wearing shoes so much had so many of them. Dad said she had close to a hundred pairs of shoes, maybe more he gave up counting them, she also had impossibly tiny feet. So now the problem is how to get rid of shoes that have never been worn, in an incredibly tiny size. They finally took them to Salvation Army. I'm sure someone there will know what to do with them.

So I buy shoes, and drive my husband nuts doing so, then I go barefoot (all of the time). What can I say shoes bother my feet. Actually I go stocking foot, big chunky wool socks. Some I buy, some I knit.

Anyway, it's just an odd thought, or three.