Indigo & Dips, Shoe Hounds and Rain

In my last post I inadvertantly said 46 dips of indigo, no that's supposed to be 4 to 6 dips in the indigo bath. I used Instant Indigo, I love the stuff, and so do my customers it flies out of the store and fast!

I bought a new pair of shoes today, my Nikes are getting worn, both pairs. Last weekend I bought a new pair of Chaco's (the kind w/the toe strap), but there are times when I need something dressier. I need to send one pair of Chaco's off to be resoled, who knows maybe they will throw in new straps for kicks and giggles, that may be asking a bit much.

So today I went shoe shopping, I'm a bona fide shoe hound, and the blacker the shoe the happier I am. I bought a pair of burgandy Naots today, burgandy it's the new black!!! These have to be the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, I love them. I also suspect they were designed by a woman having hot flashes, the model I bought "Rome" has little side vents on them, so your feet can breathe, what a novel concept.

It's raining turtles and fish again, and here I was worried we were going to have a drought year. I'm still using water conservative methods when it comes to dyeing, I wish I could say the same thing about rinsing out the wool yarn. Unlike everything else I dye I can't stick it in the washing machine to wash/risne. There has to be a better way of risning the yarn so I'm not using as much water.