Favorite room's and potting sheds

My favorite room in the house was my guest bedroom, that was until we started storing lots of extraneous junk there. That's changing this week though! Everything is going to be gone through, all of the bookwork and filing will be done, etc...

My potting shed is now my favorite project. It's way cute cute cute!. It's not really a potting shed but an extension on an old 1905 single car garage to fit a 1960/70's length car. It has since been walled off and I store my gardening things in there. There's no room to walk in there, so that's about all you can call it is storage!

Today hubby and I nailed a bunch of my old farm equipment rakes, and some old rusty iron rod, to the exterior wall of the shed. they look like flowers. I have a bunch of plow points to nail to the shed still. It's way cute, we also added a couple bucket style of planters I found, now to get the plants into the planter. And to get hubby to make me some bird houses, I've only been asking for them for about 3 plus years now.

I'll take pics tomorrow of the garden shed wall. It's also time to drag out all of those gardening magazines I"ve been collecting with the way cute/cool garden sheds in them, and implement those ideas. I think I may need a hummingbird feeder, or two, as well. And wind chimes, I have no wind chimes.

It'll be interesting to see what plants grow there this year, I've added Jerusalem Artichokes, sunflower seeds and various other perrinals to the area in front of the shed. I also have a sweet cherry tree growing in front of the shed. I may need some short plants come to think of it.