Dyeing with Blue Green Algae

There's no way to be rid of the smell while dyeing with Blue Green Algae, not only will flies flock to you but so will cats, small varmits such as racoons, and maybe even seagulls!

--Every time a customer tells me about the smell I split a gut laughing. I have this memory of one very determined and psychotic feline trying to get into my dyepot. There were fish in that pot and he was determined. --

Blue Green Algae works best on silk fabrics. I mix it with either water/vinegar or a water/alcohol solution and tannin can give other colors, depending on the tannin source. Remember to premordant your silk with at least alum. You should get a blueish green to green color on silk, depending on your water quality.

Dealing with smelly fabric afterwards: I use a very mild wash of surf laundry detergent, the one w/o stain removers or oxidizers as this will strip your color, your hard earned stinky color. This laundry soap will remove the "hog lot" smell out of any fabric!

Y0u can get the Blue Green Algae here: http://www.prairiefibers.com