AWOL and Studios

Well I admit I've been awol for a few days, well actually I was right here at home. I managed to get quite a few orders sent out, I have been so tired since I returned from the funeral I decided I needed to rest. I just hope my faithful customers understand this need to rest (well one actually did not and proceeded to chew my butt accordingly, apparently deaths in the family are to be supersceded by everything else).

So I finished cleaning my studio, I need to get the carpet cleaned, my darling sheltie "Angel" has ruined it, I've been calling her "Angie" can't imagine why! I can't seem to get anything else done so why not clean, right.

So I guess I haven't really been AWOL, I guess I just don't know how to quit working. Now to just get back into my studio, I"m dying to dye some fabrics.

Here are some updated pics of the design studio, cleaner than before.