Weird Dyeing Day

Well today was quite weird, and so was yesterday for that matter. I've been working on orange fabric for quite some time now and for some reason it's just escaping me. I dyed some yellow wool in cochineal on Sunday. I finally took it out of the dyepot yesterday, I ran it through the washer, it looked orange when it went in. When I took it out it was yellow again.

I had done everything right so I don't know what the problem is, I used an all-in-one cochineal bath, the alum was in the pot with the cochineal dye liquor. So why the orange washed out is beyond me. So back into the dye pot it went today, and poof orange again. I'll see what happens tomorrow. It's very mottled parts of the cloth look like sangria it's so distorted.

I brought my dyed silk cocoons up from my wet studio and am planning to remove the catepillar tonight. Then I will probably remove some of the sericin, which will probably remove most if not all of the dye color. I'm planning on decorating some pieces with the resultant fiber mass.

Here's a pic of Angel, my demon sheltie. I can't wait until she's housebroken!