It's snowing and throwing freezing rain out there, so this is as good as any reason to stay inside and stitch.

I'm working on some painted timtex, embellishing it by hand and machine. I'm thinking of making a journal sized quilt, right after I go dye some fabric. I need to stitch and create something and soon, lately it's all been paperwork or stuff I'm making for work.

The orange is a bust for this week I think. The sangria color washed right out when I threw the wool fabric into the washer. So I dumped both dye baths, washed the fabric thoroughly and am planning to remordant the fabric with alum. I'll then put it back into a cochineal bath and see what happens. I could simply be that all of the dyes sites are taken up on the wool, but I have yet to have this problem so I"m finding this really hard to believe. Mine while I have an ugly yellow gold fabric to work whose color is begging to be changed.