My new - ish building

Here it is my diamond in the rough! I put down the earnest money today, hubby is buying it for me for our anniversary! Normally he buys me iris' for our anniversary so I've decided to call it my "iris" building.

It needs a ton of work, the price, however, is right and the location is excellent, Ellsworth, Iowa. It's right off of the interstate in a town that already has a desitnation location business, The Sister Act.

It's also on the way to two big quilt shops, so this traffic flow will definately benefit the business. My biggest obstacle is convincing my one employee that she wants to commute to the shop.

My plan for the front of the store is two french doors, friendlier windows, awnings, big terra cotta pots with toparies and lots of flowers, and a wrought iron bench. We are putting what's called a false front on the top to visually extend the roofline upwards and to have a place for signage.

The best part about the store is no more stairs, praise God! I cannot tell you how much my knees hurt from having had knee surgery twice in one year.

Anyway... I have also attached pics of my hand dyed fabrics and some compost dyed fabrics. I am so excited it's warming up outside and I can get back to dyeing fabrics and yarn in my compost pile again. There is also a quilt in progress, the fabric I compost dyed.