Earth and Sky

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Earth and Sky: From Sketch to Stitch a Mini Master Class  

Lifetime Access to the Class

NOTE: Because of the intensity of this class I am limiting the number of spaces available to 30 students!!!

Earth and Sky is an Eight Week Mini Master Class divided into 2 Four Week modules with a One Week break in between the two modules.

Module 1: Sketch, Draw, Paint, Surface Design

Break Week

Module 2: Sketch, Surface Design, Stitch, Embellish

Surface Design Techniques:

Natural Dyes
Screen and mono printing
Dye painting
Rust Dyeing
Earth Pigments
Mixed Media Techniques

Fabric paints, inks, etc. 
Oil Bars
Image Tranfers
Stitching Techniques

Constructed cloth
Free hand machine stitching/embroidery
Hand Stitching
Embellishment Techniques

Hand Stitching
Creating embellishments to attach to the surface, if needed
From Sketch to Stitch!

Earth Pigments, Clay, Rust, Indigo, and Surface Design with Natural Dyes! 
Mixed Media, Image Transfers, Paint, and Print
Drawing, painting, and photography. 
Stitching, lots of stitching!

Lifetime Access to the Class



Lifetime Access to All Class Materials!!!

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