Where did the time go?


I’m not sure how it happened but tomorrow is December 1st which is the beginning of two separate challenges.

Challenge Number One is two write a post every day for 31 days.

Challenge Number Two is the 31 Day Marigold Fermentation Vat.

Tomorrow I shall start the vat, I still need to go to the store and purchase a fish tank bubbler for my vat, which will also utilize a fish tank heater.

And finally, create little yarn butterflies for each day of the week to be removed from the vat.

The fermentation challenge will end sometime around January 5th. The wool yarn butterflies will be pre-mordanted with alum.

31 Day Writing Blog Challenge


Starting December 1st I’ll be posting daily for 31 days, topics include:

  • 31 Day Fermentation Vat with Marigolds

  • My journey of weight loss, I’m down 85 pounds and have 85 more to go!

  • Eating healthy when you could care less.

  • For my single friends… some tips and advice.

  • My wet studio, I’m reclaiming it after a year of neglect due to multiple injuries.

  • Photo of the day, for those days when I have nothing of substance to say.

Another words I’m going back to the format I was using when my blog was with Blogger.com

Oh the smell of the woods!


I’ve been sorting through the supplies I inherited this fall when a fellow artist went into hospice, and I’m listening to George Winston’s album Forest on YouTube as I sort. My kitchen smells strongly of the woods right now, pine cones, pine needles, and oak moss lichen. I’m in heaven.

In other news the sink in my wet studio is finally functioning again so will be starting the 30 Day Fermentation vat with my dried marigolds on December 1st. Check back soon, or sign up for my newsletter, to see my progress as I get ready to set up the vat, and as I deep clean my wet studio that I abandoned early last spring when my I no longer had water in said studio.

I am participating in a 31 Day Blog Challenge for the month of December with a group of artists, so am hoping posts here each day.

Dyeing with Marigolds


Freshly picked marigolds.

Dyeing with Marigolds

About twenty years ago now I did a special graduate school project where I took dried marigold heads and started a Thirty Day Dye Vat based upon Nest Rubio's article from Shuttle Spindle Dye Pot, Spring 1993, where she did the same thing only with madder root!

The result was a stunning range of reds from her vat and a stunning range of yellows to brassy greens from my vat.

Join me in the next thirty-two days as I recreate this vat using fresh marigolds from my garden (that will be dried first to maximize the color extraction) on my blog for this journey! 

Giving Away Classes this Week!


Join my Facebook group Almost Stitched to win a place in one of my online classes!

All you have to do is join the Almost Stitched and post an original comment to the pinned post (do not comment on someone else's comment) for a chance to win! I'll be announcing the details when I post the giveaway.

Today I'll be giving away four seats in my online class Earth and Sky

Plus you'll get to see what I'm working on ahead of my trip to Seymour, Iowa this coming weekend!

Birthday Blowout!

I’m celebrating my 52nd birthday this month, starting with a storewide sale 23% off ALL Online Classes and eBooks!

I’ll ALSO be giving away seats in select online courses starting on Monday the 24th!

And back by popular demand I will be hosting a 20 Day Bird Challenge that will focus on Whimsical Birds! Cost and Start Date to be announced Next Week. Join my Newsletter to learn more about the Challenge!

whimsical birds.jpeg

Solo Show and Summertime Savings!

Field Notes and Test Plots can currently be seen hanging at the  Sanford Museum and Planetarium  in Cherokee, IA, until August 31st.

Field Notes and Test Plots can currently be seen hanging at the Sanford Museum and Planetarium in Cherokee, IA, until August 31st.

Hot Temperatures means Hot Deals!

Take advantage of the hot summer temperatures and fire up some dye pots, or paint some fabric with earth pigments. 

Now through August 20th, EVERYTHING is 40% OFF Storewide!

The discount is applied at check out so you won't have to mess with any codes!

Check out my website for online classes, eBooks, videos, and more!  

I Lost My Why!


I've been doing a whole lot of thinking the past two weeks, because a whole lot has happened since the beginning of this year. Some of it is good, some of it was bad, and some of it was down right ugly. 

That said, I've been doing some hard core thinking, and realized I had lost my "Why".  

This past week I've been seriously ill with a nasty head cold that settled in my lungs, which set me into an asthma attack from which I've yet to recover. This has forced me to rest, I've been so exhausted that until today I haven't even been able to sit quietly and read one of the many books on my table.

I'm still not sure why I lost my "Why", however, after some reading this afternoon I now have a new "Why". God truly does work in mysterious ways. 

So there will be some major changes in the very near future coming my way, which includes a move out of state, a new blog... to be announced soon, and a new book on a topic I would have never guessed I would be writing about! Stay tuned!

[LIVE STREAM EVENT] Plastered Fabric


Learn How to Create Plastered Fabrics!

I will be live streaming at 7pm CST this evening, I will be demonstrating how to create plastered fabrics, wine not required, and then surfacing some of the fabrics I created earlier with pigments, ochres, etc.

I hope you will join me, looking forward to hanging out this evening! ~ Kimberly

PS: It's Free!

Click here to join me this evening! Almost Stitched


Preliminary sketches. I'm creating a new series, for an upcoming show in mid-March based upon the colors and textures of local grain bins, silos, and elevators. Some of these structures are very old and are made of wood and other interesting materials.

I will be live streaming about this series this coming Saturday Evening at 7pm CST in my FB group Almost Stitched, it's free to join!


Earth and Sky Starts Monday!!!

Have you always wanted to create an original body of art, but didn't know where to start,or thought it might be boring?

It doesn't have to be hard, or boring!

How do I know this? Because I have created no less than ten separate bodies of work in the past 20+ years.

So maybe you're thinking "But Kimberly you've been at this for a long time, I'll never be able to do what you do." That's okay I don't expect you to do what I do. In fact I believe that by learning what I have learned, about creating a series, you'll surpass me and by a long shot!

In this eight week class you will learn how to use color, design, study landscapes, etc., to create your own body of original art. I will also discuss how to display your art for maximum presentation. 

All Class content is downloadable so you get to keep it for life! We also have a FaceBook classroom where I live stream, you can ask questions, share your creations, struggles, and more.

Join me for Earth and Sky, where we will explore color, texture, landscapes, and more, to create your own unique body of art!

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