Mark Making with Nature Video Series

Mark Making with Nature: Surface Design with Natural Dyes 4 Part Video Series!!!
Over 2 hours of digital video instruction.
Everything you ever wanted to know to create unique cloth using natural dyes is covered in this Digital Video Series
Topics Covered:
Bundle Dyeing: I demonstrate several methods of bundle and compost dyeing!
Screen Printing with natural dyes, I demonstrate how to make and use the thickeners for a successful print each time!
Bound Resists with natural dyes, I demonstrate several resist techniques using glue, gutta, rope, clips, etc. so that you will obtain rich layers of color.
Other topics covered are mono-printing, stamping, dye painting, etc., to create additional depth of color and unique patterning and designs using a combination of natural dye extracts and pigments. Making with Nature Video Series Cover

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Pretty Pigments Online Class Begins
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Starting August 15th Students will have access to the Getting Started withPretty Pigments Bonus Content. 
Learn how to make soy milk and pigment emulsions
Learn how to make the wax and pigment emulsions
Learn the basics of fabric prep for painting and paper with pigments
Learn the basics of painting fabric and paper with pigments
Learn how to properly cure, wash, and care for your fabrics and papers that have been painted with pigments.
How to source clays, ochers, and pigments from your local environment. 
And this is just a few of the things you will learn BEFORE the Pretty Pigments Class Starts on September 6th!!!
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