Materials List

Earth Pigments, Clays, and/or Ochers

Fabric: cotton, linen, or silk


  • heavy papers such as water color paper, mixed media papers
  • lighter weight papers such as rice paper
  • Khadi paper from India - NOT REQUIRED however it takes earth pigments like no other paper out there!
  • found papers such as old envelopes, brown paper bags, etc.

Other Mark Making Mediums:

  • charcoal or vine charcoal
  • white charcoal, pastel, and/or conte
  • gutta resist in clear, black, or white
  • pencil

Soy milk or soy beans for making soy milk

Freshly made soy milk.

Mayan Blue

Mixed Red Earths

French Ocher

Verona Green

Earth Pigments, Ochers, and Clay
The only ochers and pigments required for this class are:
  • A yellow ocher of some type, and contain yellow ocher and/or clay
  • An umber either Burnt or Raw (i.e., if you go with burnt umber then purchase raw umber to go with)
  • A sienna either  Burnt or Raw (i.e., if you a raw sienna then purchase the burnt sienna to go with)
  • A red ocher or purple ocher
  • Mayan Blue and/or Prussian Blue are suggestions NOT REQUIRED.


I purchase my earth pigments, ochre's, and clays, from (they are based in the US).

Tools & Equipment

  • *paint brushes, inexpensive boar bristle brushes work the best
  • *stretcher frames (for stretching fabrics onto for painting)
  • *thumb tacks
  • *water container
  • *respirator or dust mask (a better quality one) such as an N95.
  • *gloves to protect your hands
  • *studio shirt or smock (the earth pigments, ocher's, clays, stain EVERYTHING they come into contact with!!!)

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Class Begins October 17th!!!

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