60 Days of Bird Mixed Media Challenge


The 60 Day Mixed Media Bird Challenge shall resume May 15th of 2017! 

Earth and Sky - A Master Class

Earth and Sky: From Sketch to Stitch a Mini Master Class

Earth and Sky is an Eight Week Mini Master Class divided into 2 Four Week modules with a One Week break in between the two modules.

Module 1: Sketch, Draw, Paint, Surface Design

Break Week

Module 2: Sketch, Surface Design, Stitch, Embellish

Class begins April 15th!
Lifetime Access to the Class


Indigo Blues

Indigo Blues: Surface Design with Natural Dyes

Four week Intermediate Surface Design Class focusing on Indigo, a little rust, tannins, and mixed media!

Pre-requisite: Experience maintaining an indigo vat and/or introduction to Indigo Dyeing online class Basic Blues Five Vats Five Ways.

Class Begins March 28th!

Regular price of $79 Begins on March 6th

Basic Blues

Basic Blues: Five Indigo Vats Five Different Ways!!!

A Five Week Introductory Level (Online) Class Exploring FIVE different types of Indigo Dye Vats!

Class begins March 24th

Basic Blues and Indigo Blues Bundle Package

Basic Blues and Indigo Blues Bundle Package

I've Bundled Basic Blues and Indigo Blues together, for those wishing to take both classes! Purchase the bundle today, and SAVE 20%! 

Colors of the Earth

Colors of the Earth: Introduction to Earth Pigments, Clays, and Ochres.

An Online Class Focusing on Painting Fabrics and Paper with Earth Pigments, Clay, and Ochres

In this Self Paced class you will learn the basics of how to paint fabric and papers with earth pigments, ochers, clays, and more.

Pretty Pigments

Pretty Pigments: Surface Design with Earth Pigments, Clays, and Ochres

An Online class focusing Mixed Media with Earth Pigments, Ochers, and More.

A Self Paced Online Class you will be create unique one-of-a-kind art cloth and art papers using earth pigments, clay, ochers, oil bars, gold/silver leaf, foils, and more!

A Self Paced Online Class ~


Colors of the Earth and Pretty Pigments Bundle Package

Colors of the Earth and Pretty Pigments Bundle Package!

Purchase both Colors of the Earth and Pretty Pigments Online Classes and SAVE 20%!

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